So we’ve got a bunch of really fun stuff coming for July!!! We just got our calendar up and done and WE HAVE A NEW WEBSITE!!!!!!!  You have to check this out – it looks really amazing! (on that note, do me a favour and like/follow us!)  This is pretty exciting stuff for us, and we’ve been working really hard to get everything ready and launched.

Now, if you have any testimonials, it would be great if you could post them here, or email them ( to us at the studio.

Alright enough about that for RIGHT now.  We also have some really fun parties planned for July – we’re doing a Karaoke Party at the end of the month!!!! Thanks so much to some of our wonderful students for helping us set that up too.  Also, a Trivia Party, a Line Dance Party AND a Toga Dance Party.

July 10th we have our Give my Regards to Broadway Showcase at the Old Mill!  That’s going to be really really fun!  July 12th & 13th Daniel Heroux is here for coachings, AND there’s a Master Group Class July 13th for a Studio Formation for the Gone With The Wind Medal Ball in September!