So, pretty awesome weekend, at least that’s what we think!  THANK YOU to everyone who made this Sunday’s event at the Old Mill so great!  I know, I’m gushing, but it was great!

I’m going to try to get some pics up in the next couple days – so check back – Follow our RSS for easier notification of updates too!

Now, how do YOU think we did?  Pro Show?  Great right?!

So for this week, we have Daniel Heroux coming!  Tuesday & Wednesday there are just a couple spots left, but he’ll be doing Private Coaching Lessons – these are SO worth it!  He is a really wonderful coach – and a very nice man too – so let me/us know if you want to book a spot.

Also, do NOT forget about the studio formation master group class Wednesday!  So what’s going happen, is Daniel’s going to choreograph a special Studio Formation for the Gone With The Wind Medal Ball in September.  He will be teaching this Master Group Class Wednesday, then we’ll be working on the routine until Showtime in September!  Any one who would like to participate, just let us know!! (there are options if you can’t make the master class, but still want to be in the formation so get your name on the list!)

Check back soon for some pics from Sunday!