So, last week we invented a new variety of dance party – the Togi-oki Party!  Due to an unexpected visit from CBC on July 22nd, we were forced to move our Toga Party to the same night as our Karaoke Party.

First… CBC!  So, Etobicoke & North York went to visit Yorkville!  It was warm, there’s no denying that, BUT everyone had a really great time, and I even have a few pix to share!

Latin Night at Yorkville – July 21 201

Pretty fun right?

So, we decided that we couldn’t cancel the Toga, so we merged! Special thanks are definitely owed to Chelly & Clemente for loaning us their Karaoke Machine and for helping with the set up.  Gotta say, Clemente’s 97% on Beseme Mucho was very impressive too!  I had no idea he could sing so well!  We had a lot of fun, and got to dance to a different variety of “live music” that night! It was really fun to see everyone in their togas too!

Check out THOSE pix

Togi-oke Party July 29, 2011

So all in all, it’s been pretty fun around here!!! Hope you like the pix!