You’ve got to start planning now. 

We’re not talking about the next black friday sale, or creative excuses to have as many four day weekends before the end of the year.  We’re talking business, serious business.  Professional business.  

Holiday Parties.  

With dance lessons your reputation can dramatically change for the better, but a couple of bad moves and you’re out of the game. 

Win The Holiday Party Season With Ballroom Dance Lessons

office-party-like-a-pro1Office Party Like A Pro

The Scene:  Live band, Black Tie, Spiked Egg Nog

The Players: Your Boss, His Boss, and Her Boss and family.. oh yeah, and co-workers

The Likely Danger:  Alcohol Induced obscenities directed to boss and his spouse, photocopies of rear end, or any attempt at breakdancing. 

The Ballroom Dancer’s Approach: 

  1. Skip the Egg Nog
  2. Dance social Foxtrot with select members of your co-workers. Play it really cool/low-key
  3. Use Swing midway through to liven things up.
  4. Recruit co-workers to the dance floor.
  5. Start a Conga line that includes at least one C-Level executive
  6. Transition into a Latin dance with Boss.
  7. Secure another dance in the future.
  8. Lightly pitch your new Product Launch idea over spiked Egg Nog.
  9. Accept the invitation of company limousine ride home.


house-party-like-a-pro1House Party Like A Pro

The Scene:  Bluetooth speaker, Holiday music, Spiked Egg Nog

The Players: Your family, including your aunt’s boyfriend/dispensable crew member that changes semi-annually

The Likely Danger:  Fall into a deep food coma slumber watching bad football while missing an opportunity to get the family dancing. 

The Ballroom Dancer’s Approach:

  1. Sync your preset ballroom playlist to the boombox via Bluetooth (smarty pants)
  2. Ask the person with the most life experience to dance first. Foxtrot is a great for large living rooms or back patios.  Rumba and Swing in the kitchen.
  3. Transition to contemporary music to recruit younger generation to dance as well.  Threaten with cancelled visits from Santa Claus if necessary.
  4. Thank each partner you dance with and secure future dances at the next Holiday gathering.
  5. Finish with Egg Nog, football, and a long winter’s nap.



After Party Like A Pro

The Scene:  Night Club, Live Band, Dress Casual, Mojitos

The Players: Close friends, co-workers, and a collection of party people

The Likely Danger:  Staying at home in food coma slumber, leaving the house just to stand in line to return holiday gifts in search of something else – only to find that you still aren’t satisfied. Drinking more spiked egg nog, passing out, repeating the entire process with shame and turkey gravy stained clothing until your boss calls to arrange a meeting with HR to discuss a racy Xerox photo shoot left on his desk after the office holiday party. 

The Ballroom Dancer’s Approach:

  1. Pick a local Bay Area Salsa club, Swing Club, Tango club, or all purpose Nightclub
  2. Pick a nice restaurant
  3. Invite someone special, or a group of friends, to join you for steps 1 & 2 after any of the aforementioned holiday parties.
  4. Bask in the glow of knowing that your dance lessons have saved you from the”Ghost of Bad Choices During the Holidays Past”.


Final Thought

Getting started with Arthur Murray may take a little courage, but what doesn’t kill you, and anything worth doing, blah, blah, blah.  Actually, for most non-dancing humans – you just need the right reason:


You’ve got an office party, you want to make an impression = Ballroom dance lessons are an unlikely investment in your career.

Stress Relief.

Sitting around and listening to family complain over the holidays can be stressful = Ballroom dance lessons gives you a skill that can get everyone moving.  When they’re moving they are happy and get tired faster.


We sometimes stay resigned to working late, or binge-watching depressing TV shows because that seems like our only option = Ballroom dance lessons gives you more social opportunities.

Now you’ve got an event (or three), you’ve got a great reason, and now you just need to take the next step and book a lesson!



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